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My Hobbies page is the index to things I enjoy doing in my free time; this includes my collections, antique interests, or maybe Computing !!! - - Here, I'll provide links to resources on my favorite hobbies, or provide some of my own materials for others who share the same interests.


Every once in a while I do seem to find some leisure time and when I get the opportunity to "kick back" I try to take full advantage of it. Depending on the time of year, I'll usually find an activity that will allow me to forget the everyday routines and stresses of work. I would have to say that my obsession with "collecting" is my primary area of interest and usually is what I prefer to do in my spare time. Ebay has become a very familiar site for me. There's usually not a day that goes by when I haven't checked in on my favorite searches. - Sometimes I'll pay a visit to a few of my regular hangouts like the local Target, K-Mart,and Shopko stores. I will generally make a pass through the toy aisles to see if Hot Wheels or Racing Champions have released something new that I just can't live without. I can't really explain why - it's sort of like there's this huge magnet and it's always there in the Toy Dept. Lately, though, I've been much better at resisting the temptation to buy. Moderation is sometimes good.


Recently, I have taken an interest in antiques - mostly glassware. I've got a sister and brother that have great taste in quality antiques, but unfortunately I don't possess the knowledge that is required to make educated purchases. Therefore, I only buy inexpensive pieces and those with certain sentimental value. - Last Christmas, Mom gave me a set of my Dad's favorite beer glasses (with tiny blue fish on sides) but only four of them. I'd like to find at least two more! - Recently, I was given some "silver leaf" glasses that belonged to a friend's family for many years. There are several various sizes of this glass and I am presently trying to find the taller beverage style to complete the set. I like to occasionally browse the aisles in various Antique Malls like the Brass Armadillo in search of the missing glassware and I'm sure that I'll eventually stumble across something suitable. Half the fun is the search!!!


I'm creating this Web Site on two different computers - I currently use a Packard Bell desktop at home and a Compaq laptop while I'm on the road. These are computers # 6 and #7 respectively. I purchased my first computer so many years ago that I really can't remember when. It was a Texas Instruments model with 16k total memory and required special "cartridge style" programs that had to be plugged in to the side and the data storage / backup was done on a standard cassette recorder!!! .... Can you imagine that? - The term "Internet" was only used by our National Defense and Educational systems - The rest of us didn't even know that the "Web" meant something other than that sticky / stringy mess spiders always seem to leave behind. Needless to say, that was lightyears ago in terms of technology and computer advancement. I can't wait to see what's around the corner for us techno-geeks. I wonder where it all will end? What will they think of next? Hopefully, a computer that runs at the speed of light with unlimited memory............ Oh yeah - - - And a price of $99.95 !!!

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