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It's a whole New World out there ! ! !

Pretty. . . Huh?

Many computer users are also hobbiests; obviously, if I'm creating a web site, chances are that I'm also interested in computers and the internet as a hobby. I certainly don't think that I could make a living doing this. It's more of a challenge to me - just to see if I can do it.

This page is a great place to provide information about how I enjoy using computers in my spare time; I'll include information about how this web site was created and other computer technologies that I've used to build my site, like digital cameras, scanners, etc.

Hello !

My name is PB-S610. I'm a 1997 model Packard-Bell Computer, fully equipped with a 233mhz Intel Pentium processor with MMX technology, 4.3GB hard drive, 96MB Ram (upgradeable to 256MB), 56Kbps Voice/Fax modem, 24X CD-Rom, 17" PB-7480 Monitor (15.9" viewable), Hewlitt-Packard DeskJet 855c color inkjet printer, HP-SkanJet 4100c scanner, and accessorized with a Phillips ESP80 1.4 megapixel digital camera. My Internet Access is provided by Cox@Home digital high-speed service ! ! !

BORING ? ? ?

Boy . . . . I'll say ! - Only a real computer GEEK would even make it this far on this page ! Even I'm about to fall asleep . . . and I'm the guy (geek) writing it !! The point that I'm trying to make is how sophisticated computer technology has become - especially in just the last few years. Several of the terms used above didn't even exist five years ago. I mean, who would have thought that "surfing" meant anything other than balancing yourself on top of a board while an ocean wave chases you back to the beach? Or how about the "Web" - That sticky stuff spiders weave in the middle of the night just to aggravate you when you walk through it ??? - I don't think so !

We've come a long way . . .

From bits - - to bytes - - to kilobytes - - to megabytes - - to gigabytes

to . . . ?????Bytes !!!

I keep wondering where it all will end. Will someone create that Perfect machine that does everything you ask it to... and at the speed of light? What will our limitations be?

Stay tuned....

Intel Pentium _ _ _ Packard-Bell_ _ _ Cox@Home ISP_ _ _ Hewlitt-Packard

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