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I've often heard that . . . the only difference between the men and the boys are the games they play and the price of their toys !!! Well , whoever it was that first stated this must have been a collector of sorts ( or just a plain ol' Pack-Rat ).

I think it all began somewhere around the "10-year old" days - When Jim Mack & I would walk down to the YMCA on Saturday mornings. We would each buy one or two packs of bubble-gum baseball cards - You know, the one's with Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris scattered throughout. If I remember correctly, Jim idolized Roger while Mickey was my personal favorite!!! I had several shoeboxes FULL of the future "Hall-of-Famer"..... I still don't know what became of those boxes. Mom says that most of them probably ended up as flappers on my little brother's bicycle spokes.

Darn . . . I could've retired by now !!!

Like most young boys, I finally got older . . . Much older! . . . but I don't think that I ever "grew up" and I hope that I never do. About fifteen years ago, I took my son to a local Collectors Show at the National Guard Armory in Glenwood, Ia. He stopped at one of the vendor tables where they were selling sports cards and . . . Well, it all sort of started all over again. His curiosity rekindled my old hobby of collecting . . . Only today, it's more of an addiction. It was those ballcards that soon led to die-cast car collecting. Racing Champions produces small replica race cars that include trading cards.... I thought they were unique, so I started with one Dale Earnhardt / Goodwrench Car and soon had several other driver's toy cars. About the same time, Nascar racing became more popular in the sporting world and millions of viewers started following the sport as TV coverage increased. It's now the fastest growing sport in America. And with the added exposure, Car owners, Drivers and Sponsors realized the potential for memorabilia sales to collectors like myself and soon the floodgates opened. Everything from the miniature cars to trading cards started popping up everywhere. Today, ten years later, my addiction still has it's hold on me!!! Although I prefer the racing die-cast, I've also been collecting a few non-racing brands like Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

I'm always looking for that special / unique die-cast car, but for the most part, I only collect what appeals to me personally..... Mostly Dale Earnhardt, Goodwrench, and Chevrolet related items. As the saying goes......

The only difference between the men and the boys
are the games they play and the price of their toys !!!

I really hope that I never grow up

Joe Racer

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