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Just give me that remote . . .

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On this page I'll discuss my favorite television shows and stars; I'll probably leave a few links to some of my favorite TV channels and programs

Stay Tuned !.

When I started to give some thought to the content of this page, I soon realized that my "Favorites" are either from fairly recent programs or some previous hit series from the past!!! I also discovered that my viewing greatly depends on the time of year as well as which day of the week . . . Actually, from Monday through Friday I probably don't watch much on the ol' tube at all (except Monday Night Football during the winter) - Yes, I may have the thing turned on . . . but it's more for background noise than for actual viewing. Most of the time I'm hacking away on this computer and I seem to "hack" better with the television turned on. - - When I do sit down to watch a program, it's usually on the weekend . . . it's usually a sporting event . . . and ESPN is usually the channel of choice. It's also a pretty safe bet that I'll have either a NASCAR race or a Husker game on the screen !!!

Alan AldaUsually Linda and I like to watch a couple of "oldies" that are probably on everyone's list of favorites. - Linda's personal all-time favorite is M.A.S.H., while mine has to be Cheers ! Fortunately, both are on the same channel and back-to-back, so we get our nightly "fix" just before bedtime. - - Another series that's no longer running, but will certainly be around for years to come, is Seinfeld with Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George. I still think that any of the co-stars could have a successful series of their own - Maybe they will someday ! - - Home Improvement delighted it's viewers for several years before recently concluding. I can't wait for syndication to start airing it's re-runs on a regular basis.

Then, there's the REAL old-timers list . . . How about these All-American favorites:

  • I Love Lucy - Maybe Lucille Ball is the reason I've always liked red-heads !
  • Bonanza - It made me feel "high-in-the-saddle" right along with "Little Joe"
  • Gunsmoke - The whole family would watch it together every Saturday night.
  • Ed Sullivan Show - I'll never forget the first time I saw the "Beatles"
  • Andy Griffith - Mayberry, RFD with Andy, Opie, Aunt Bea and Barney.

Of course, there's a lot of TV shows currently running that will someday be added to the "Boob-Tube Hall-of-Fame" - Friends - E.R. - Frasier - Law and Order - NYPD Blue are all top contenders. I believe that a TRUE "hit series" is sort of like a fine bottle of wine . . .

It Just Gets Better With Time . . .
And you don't realize how good it was until it's gone!!!

Rainbow of Colors

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Rainbow of Colors

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