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Go Big Red !

After attending college at the University of Nebraska (1969-1971) - Johnny Rogers - Jerry Tagge - Bob Devaney - Orange Bowls - Back-to-Back National Championships - It's impossible to cheer for any other school than the "Big Red" Cornhuskers of Nebraska. What a great time in my life it was !!! Needless to say, I was pleased when my son, Chad, decided that he wanted to attend NU after his graduation from high-school ( 1993-1997 ). - - Not bad timing either - Johnny Rogers ( yes, he had a class with Chad ! ) - Tommy Frazier - Tom Osborne - Orange and Fiesta Bowls - Three National Championships in four years!!! I'm sure he'll look back and agree that those were some pretty good times for him too !!!


Rainbow of Colors

Gentlemen . . . Start Your Engines

Well, anyone who's been around me during the last ten years or so, knows that I'm a big NASCAR fan. When I was younger and living in Beatrice, I can remember going to the local race track on Saturday night to watch the local stock cars compete. I think Mom or Dad had to help run the concession stands, so I would tag along. Several years later, Beardmore Chevrolet supplied a new Lumina for a local radio station promotion at the local track ( Sunset Speedway ) in Omaha. The car was decorated to look like the "Mello-Yello" car in the movie "Days of Thunder". I volunteered to take it to the track each Sunday night and the rest is history!!! I became hooked on dirt-track racing all over again. This soon led to an interest in the top series of NASCAR - The Winston Cup. About the same time, GM Parts & Goodwrench teamed up with Dale Earnhardt who was well on his way to super-stardom in the racing world before his tragic and untimely death in 2001. I've been a die-hard "Intimidator" fan ever since ( and always will be ). - Sunset Speedway closed it's doors after the 2000 season to make room for a large golf development and has since relocated ( Now Nebraska Raceway Park ) near I-80 between Omaha and Lincoln. Looks like I'll still be able to get my weekly 'fix' every Sunday night !

I've been to a few NASCAR races over the past few years - The Atlanta 500 in 1991, Mello-Yello in Charlotte in1993, and to Indy with my brothers for the Brickyard 400 four times in the last five years. - We'll also be making an annual trip to Kansas City in the fall, as it's new Nascar track will begin hosting Winston Cup races in 2001.

Although Nascar has lost it's Greatest Driver, I'll still be a devoted fan. But it'll defintely be different for us Earnhardt fanatics! - Yes, I'll still cheer for Dale . . . and his last name is still Earnhardt !!! - But his number is 8, instead of 3 . . . and his sponsor is Budweiser, not Goodwrench !!!

Carry on, Little E . . . We'll miss the 'Man in Black'

Rainbow of Colors


The Heat is On......... Lancer Heat that is! - About ten years ago my good friends, Duane and Deb, invited me to come with them to Ak-Sar-Ben for an Omaha Lancers hockey game......... A Hockey Game? - In Nebraska??? Certainly not a sport commonly found in the Midwest - How good could they be? ( I thought ) Probably quite boring! - - Oh well, at least I'll get a beer out of the deal !!! - - - - - - What a blast..... They were great..... They were up... They were down... Back up...Then down... Lots of cheers... Lots of "high-fives"... And that was just the fans !!! - Not only did the team play well, they played real well. - Winning was often - Losing wasn't that bad. The entire crowd really gets into their hockey - So....... A Lancer Hockey fan I became. Good Friends - Good Times - and of course... Great Beer !!!

Rainbow of Colors

Huskers of Nebraska . . Go to . . Omaha Lancer Hockey

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Rainbow of Colors

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