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Rainbow of Colors

Since meeting my wife, Linda, we've probably gone to more movies than ever before. I'll bet we've been to 100 or more in the last couple of years !!! Some were REALLY poor, while others have been fairly good. A choice few were definitely worth the price of admission..... and then some !!! - Certainly some of you have seen many of the same movies and probably have your own type of rating system. I have my own variation of the "Five " method of movie critique-ing. Some better known movie critics get paid Mega-bucks for their opinions on the big screen. - Me? . . Well, you're about to see why I'm still waiting for my first check !!!

Joe's 5-Star Rating System

1 Star. . . . . . . . A real loser !!! A waste of good time and money !!!
2 Stars2 Stars. . . . . . . Better, but a rented video from Blockbuster would do.
3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars. . . . . O.K. - I came - I paid - I stayed awake - Good enough.
4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars. . . . I laughed - I cried - I might even want to see it again.
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars. . . Is there such a movie? - I've seen "Titanic" 12 times !!!


Joe's Top Ten  Joe's Worst Ten 
 #1 Titanic ( without a doubt )  #1 Sphere
 #2 Bridges of Madison County  #2 Storm Troopers
 #3 Pillow Talk  #3 Austin Powers
 #4 Saving Private Ryan  #4 Airport
 #5 Good Will Hunting  #5 Speed
 #6 English Patient  #6 Event Horizon
 #7 Forrest Gump  #7 Attack of the 50ft Woman
 #8 Caddy Shack  #8 Batman and Robin
 #9 Apollo 13  #9 Showgirls
 #10 Lights & Sirens ( I & II )  #10 Volcano

Stars - Stars - Stars

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Starring Matthew McConaughey - Jon Bon Jovi - Bill Paxton

2 1/2 Stars2 1/2 Stars

I don't know if there's ever been a submarine movie I haven't liked - - Until now! - Well, let me qualify that statement - I've seen better !! U-571 follows a group of submarine navymen as they search the depths for the elusive German "Enigma" - the chief message encryption device of the Germans which could turn the war if they succeed. The group sets out to overtake the German U-Boat by force without allowing them to radio in for help. Once the Enigma is secured, you'd think it'd be smooth sailing, but an American vessel shows up and destroys their ride home. Now left on a damaged German submarine with unrecognizable buttons, knobs, and levers, they must find a way to stay alive and keep the Enigma safe. To do so, the movie takes many twists and turns all resulting in the same old endings.

Combine the usual story lines with the standard war movie music and it just seems to drag along at an all-too-slow-pace. - I've never seen so many "depth charge" scenes! - Despite the predictable plot, the movie does provide some bang for the buck and is very intense - It's probably the first true popcorn-flick of the year where the only reason you really need to go for the movie is to sit back and enjoy the action. There's basic acting, no complex plot, no redeeming film qualities, just good ol' fashioned edge-of-your-seat action, suspense, and thrills. I'm sure the average movie-goer will enjoy this film, but unfortunately, the movie didn't offer what I had hoped it would be and it will not be remembered in the same league as The Hunt for Red October or Crimson Tide.

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Starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver

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3 1/2 Stars3 1/2 Stars3 1/2 Stars

After the tragic accidental death of his wife, Chicago engineer Bob Rueland (David Duchovny) rejoins the human race by falling in love with waitress Grace Briggs (Minnie Driver), a transplant patient who was the unknowing recipient of his beloved wife's heart. Through a 'made-for-movie' twist of fate, the two meet and the inevitable romance is born! This is the kind of love story that makes most people gag, but writer-director (and co-star) Bonnie Hunt keeps things light and frothy. Duchovny's delivery and charm works perfectly for his emotionally guarded character, but the film's real spark is provided by Driver and her 'first love' innocence, aided by a terrific supporting cast that includes Hunt, Robert Loggia, David Alan Grier, Jim Belushi and Carroll O'Connor.

This is an old-fashioned and very straight romantic comedy like Hollywood used to make in the "good old days." - I'd have to say that Return to Me was a pleasant surprise, one that I haven't encountered in a while. Is it a 'sugary' movie? . . . Sure it is, but in a way that works perfectly!

Rainbow of Colors

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2 Stars2 Stars

Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones star in this unusual crime story. Judd is Libb Parsons who wakes up on a sailboat with bloody stains and her husband nowhere to be found. Soon afterwards, she is accused and convicted of murdering her husband, forcing her to leave her son with a friend. While in prison she loses track of them and begins to suspect something is wrong. Locating them by phone in San Francisco, she learns a startling fact about the crime she was wrongly convicted of. But finding the truth and retrieving her son means breaking parole and staying one step ahead of her irritating parole officer played by Jones.

The plot is fairly predictable but the suspense and stars’ performances will draw the audiences into the theaters. The title is taken from criminal law that says a person cannot be convicted of the same crime twice . . . which leads to a controversial struggle between the legal and the moral justification of murder. Violence is somewhat limited but a graphic shooting occurs. One gross scene has Libb nearly buried alive in a casket with a decaying body. The foul language, gratuitous sexual content and graphic violence earn DOUBLE JEOPARDY a very questionable rating.

Rainbow of Colors

Starring Julia Roberts and Albert Finney

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4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

Roberts plays the real-life crusading legal assistant Erin Brockovich, a gal as feisty as she is curvaceous! ( Miracle Bra should get the nomination for 'Best Supporting' role ) - A blue-collar mom with three children to support, Erin can't get a break until she finally lands a job in the law office of Ed Masry ( Finney ). She then uncovers a case where a public utility has tried to cover up their intentional disposal of toxic waste into the water supply of a neighboring community. As the result of her unending pursuit of the truth, justice does prevail!

Erin Brockovich is an excellent showcase of Roberts' talent - For all working, single moms with little or no education, this movie is an inspiration. She performs with subtlety and tremendous restraint, projecting a sense of well-being and her confidence never falters. Beginning to end . . . this is a real winner !

Rainbow of Colors

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Rainbow of Colors

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Rainbow of Colors

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