Random Hearts
Starring Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas

3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

Dutch Van Den Broeck, a sergeant in the Internal Affairs Division of the Washington, D.C. police department, and Kay Chandler, a New Hampshire congresswoman running for re-election, know about trust. Their careers depend on it. Their marriages are founded on it. Or so they thought.

Their paths cross after a Miami-bound airliner goes down in the bay with both of their spouses aboard, sitting together and flying under the same last name! - Both Kay and Dutch are wounded by the betrayal when it gradually comes to light, but while she faces the reality of it all, he becomes obsessed with finding answers! - Dutch, a policeman to the core, investigates everything and everyone. Kay, left with a teenage daughter to protect and a campaign to run, doesn't want to know any more than she absolutely has to. As clues lead from the streets of D.C. to a romance on Miami's beaches, both the cop and the congresswoman are caught in their own romantic upheaval of misplaced lust and rage, laying bare not only the details of their spouses' secret affair, but their own awkward and painful feelings. Out of the ruins of their shattered marriages, this pair of Random Hearts forms a volatile new union.

Although Ford sells his character convincingly enough, he's less successful at letting his passion shine through. - Scott Thomas, on the other hand, provides enough romantic chemistry for them both... and then some! - This movie is probably not the tour de Ford that his fans have been hungry for, but there is a fair amount of satisfaction in seeing both stars give this much time and effort to examine such a complex relationship!

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