Rainbow of Colors

Starring Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry

The Whole Nine Yards

2 1/2 Stars2 1/2 Stars

Matthew Perry is Oz Oseransky, a nice-guy dentist so bored with life until the confident Jimmy (Mr. Willis) breezes into the house next door. — Oz's anxieties are ratcheted up several points on the Richter scale when he discovers that his new neighbor is actually Jimmy "the Tulip" Tudeski, a former Chicago hit man who is responsible for numerous mob-related extinctions. - Oz's wife, Sophie (Rosanna Arquette) coerces him into giving Jimmy's location away to Jimmy's old mob boss in exchange for a sizeable reward. Playing both sides of the fence, she also wants a hit on Oz, hoping to collect on his life insurance. Trying to dig himself out of a financial crater his father-in-law left behind; Oz sighs, "I'm worth more dead than alive."

The real star of "Yards" is Amanda Peet, playing Jill, Oz's receptionist, a young woman with a keen affection for the mechanics of murder. Her smile has the warm wattage of Julia Roberts, with a grin so prominent and appealing that you almost expect a joke to be played off of it, since this is a movie about a dentist. Jill has the same sunny, eager interest in her boss as in Jimmy's career as a hit man. She is so infectiously funny that all she has to do is smile to get a laugh. - There is definitely more to the plot, all of which you'll have to discover for yourself. You'll have to be observant during this film as a sense of jolliness sneaks from the actors on screen as they barely seem to be suppressing giggles. You'll sense their inner smiles and suspect that the cast members are quite amused and trully enjoying themselves. In the end, you'll find yourself amused, smiling and entertained beyond expectations.

Rainbow of Colors

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