The Blair Witch Project
Heather Donahue, Michael Williams, Joshua Leonard

The Blair Witch Project

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When was the last time True Fear snuck in to your room, crawled under your bed and just wait there for you to climb out? - Would it reach out and grab your ankles as your feet touched the floor? - If you could summon enough courage to look underneath, would there be a set of glowing red eyes staring back at you? - - Remember all of those silly childhood fears? Sure you do! We've all had them.

Real horror has nothing to do with a guy wearing a hat and sporting razorblade fingernails, or a hockey-masked villain who torches everything and everyone in sight. It has to do with the fears that are just out of sight - the unknown! True fear hides deep within the corners of our minds. It's lurking somewhere in the darkness, and what makes it so intense is that as long as we continue to think and feel, it will never completely go away!

The Blair Witch Project is a movie that brings out true fear and leaves it's viewers wondering . . . Fact - or Fiction? Fear not only plays with the minds of our three filmmakers, but with our own. Reality might be secondary. What matters most is that everything in the movie seems to work on it's own terms. This isn't a Hollywood creation with million-dollar special effects. In fact, the actual setup and production is quite simple. It's true terror lies in the universal fears that we all have. What haunts us isn't the fear of what we can see and hear . . . but what we can't!!!

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