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Many web sites are devoted to personal "Favorites" . . . Such as:

Sports ( Racing )
Driver ( Earnhardt )
Team ( Huskers )
Athlete ( Jordan )
Movie ( Titanic )
Actor ( Hanks )
TV Show ( Cheers )

There's all sorts of ways to spend your leisure time. - Well, here is where I intend to list some of my personal favorites....... and maybe even a few that I'm NOT so fond of... Like Rusty and Geoff !!!

Please feel free to visit any of the following pages by "clicking" on their button to the left - You might find that we've got something in common when it comes to some of our "Favorites" !!!

In Respectful Memory

Link to Dale's Memorial Pages

"NASCAR has lost it's Greatest Driver"
Bill France
Nascar Chairman of the Board

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