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My Favorite Subjects ( When I take the time to read )

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. . . . . was never one of my strong points, but if you really want to know what keeps my interest, here is where I'll list a few publications that I do enjoy. - - All through my school days I had a tough time of concentrating while trying to "force feed" Economics, Physics, Shakespeare, or even some of the simplest subjects that required a little bit of reading. Maybe that was partially due to the fact that those were "had to read" books instead of the "want to read" variety. - - Now that those days are behind me, I no longer feel the pressure of "have to" anymore. Now I can pick up my favorite issue of Sports Illustrated, or a copy of Die Cast Digest, or better yet . . . Creating Web Pages for Dummies and get caught up with the latest info on My Favorite Subjects!!!

I'm still no good at reading from cover to cover. I've got a tendency to jump around a bit, usually looking for one or two particular bits of information or answers to my most recent questions. I trully envy those of you who can pick up a good book or novel and get totally engrossed in it - Reading it from start to finish. I just haven't developed the patience needed to be a devoted reader - Maybe I'll get the hang of it someday . . . . . Heck - I might even try Writing a book or two!!!

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