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So..... What about My Past ?

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This is my past historical page, where I will describe, show and explain what I want the world to know about my background. But, ONLY what I WANT you to know..... Some things are best left untold !!! Possibly I'll list a calendar of events, more photos, quotes, or links to other web pages that describe events or relate to the time in question. So please come back - I've got some research to do !!!

So how far back would you like me to go? - - - - Well, it all began on a cool October afternoon in 1951 - Concordia, Kansas. I remember it well ! It was the 18th - somewhere around 3:30 pm. The Doctor was spanking my tender little behind while exclaiming "Cookie, you've got a beautiful baby boy!" - The perfect addition . . . That made two girls and two boys. A well-rounded family by anyone's standards. Who could ask for more?

Well, those few words would come back to haunt
Mom and Dad for the next several years !

There's not a lot to tell you about my early years growing up in Mankato, Ks. ( 1951 - 1954 ) - I vaguely remember the front porch on our house (for some unknown reason) and visiting Dodaddy and Mamo who lived down the street. Although we moved away in 1954, I have numerous fond memories of that small town due to many, many return trips taken to visit our grandparents and cousins still living there at that time. - - Horse rides on the farm - Tree houses - Helping granddad drive the tractor - Collecting tadpoles in the pond - Cherry Cokes at the corner Rexall - Saturday matinees with Mamo - Freebees from Uncle Jerry's grocery store - I could go on and on and on ! - I think every kid should have an opportunity to experience life's little offerings that seem to only be available in a small town life-style. - - - These are memories that will last forever !

Cambridge, Nebr. ( 1954 - 1959 ) - - First, the little house. - Toy barrels under the stairway and John helping me climb out - Ooops . . . Cut chin and stitches. - Mrs. Brown (?) who lived behind us, always had root-beer or lemonade ready for little visitors - even when "certain little visitors" picked the flowers from her front lawn ! - - - Then the BIG house ( and I mean BIG! ). Five levels - with the Indian museum and the coal chute in the basement - five large bedrooms - and a "basketball-court" sized attic where we all played "dodge ball". Dad kept a real firetruck in the garage that he took out on Sunday afternoons and gave kiddy-rides around town. - The rock garden in the backyard where my sister Cathy accidentally broke my nose while playing baseball ( it was a line-drive! ). - The Schumaker family ( inventors of Kool-Aid ) who lived across the street. - Driving to McCook to be tested for kindergarten and all those crazy shapes that I had to identify. - - If all of this sounds a little jumbled, it's because this is how I remember my early childhood. Not a care in the world - just fun and games . . . and everything around me was "King-Size".

Beatrice, Nebr. ( 1959 - 1969 ) - - Third grade at St. Joe's - Got my tongue "stuck" to the frigid jungle-gym bars while showing off for the Woita twins. - Mom using me as a guinea-pig when she started giving us haircuts ( Just call me "Butch" ) - Family feud with the Ament gang brought to an end by the fearless "Tarzan Tom". - John's go-kart track, complete with high-banked turns - A Shetland pony named Papucci - Pet skunks, lizards, snakes, rabbits, pigeons, and many, many others! - John Glenn orbiting the Earth, John Kennedy's assissination (7th grade), Watching the Beatles for the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show, Neil Armstrong on the moon (7/20/69) - Rockin' and Rollin' with Another Time - Sitting on the front porch in the rain with Marlyss W. and Saturday night dances at the Civic with Karen D. ( probably why I've always had an affection for 'Red Heads' ) - First loves ... Karen, Ruth, and Cheryl. - Getting the crap knocked out of me during Freshman football - High School Graduation - My first beer - Off to College!!!

Lincoln, Nebr. ( 1969 - 1971 ) - - University of Nebraska - Delta Tau Delta, Parties, Beer, Husker football, Johnny Rodgers, Bob Devaney, Orange Bowls, National Championships, Parties, Beer, Long hair ( sorry Dad ), Frat-Rats vs Dormies snowball fights, Racquetball with Jerry Tagge, Cruisin' down Sorority Row in my '70 SS/454, More Parties, More Beer . . . . Oh yeah!!! . . . And some classes.

Bellevue, Nebr. ( 1971 - 1975 ) - - Life on my own! - Gas Light Lane Apts - Late night pool parties - My first full-time job - My first New car, a 1972 Vega GT - My first marriage - My first ( and only ) child - Part-time work at Fox Photo - Britain Towne Apts. - The Blizzard of '75 - The Tornado of '75 - Lots of responsibilities - Those times were a far cry from the good ol' days in Cambridge!!!

Glenwood, Ia. ( 1975 - 1991 ) - - A Husker in the Land of Hawkeyes and Cyclones - Life on Timberlane - Summer vacations to Lake of the Ozarks - My Four Winns - Riding the ATV's with Chad - Ski trips to Colorado with Ron and Lori - Homecoming parades around the Square - The Glenwood Volunteer Fire Dept. - Fire Prevention Week - Haunted Houses - "Light and Sirens I & II" - Christmas Eves at Jim and Betty's - Weekend softball tournaments watching Kara pitch - Friday night Ram football games and Saturday night Ramette basketball games - State Wrestling trips to Des Moines - Bass fishing on Mike's pond. - - - - - Watching my son grow up !!!

LaVista, Nebr. ( 1991 - 2000 ) - - The next phase - Middle-aged - A new-found interest in racing - The "Intimidator" comes to Omaha - Sunset Speedway "The only place to be on Sunday Nights" - Express Collectibles - Swap meets and Toy Shows on the weekends - Hooters in Overland Park, Ks. with Bryan - My growing die-cast collection - A change of employment - Chad's graduation from college and starting out on his own - I find myself already thinking about retirement and it's still years away - Life is good - There's so much to be grateful for!!!

Millard (Omaha), Nebr. ( 2000 - ???? ) - - Two moves in two years - Not my idea of fun !! Lots of housework, Tons of yardwork - All that comes with owning a new home . . . Multiplied times two !! - Decorating, Re-Decorating, Landscaping, Garage Sales, Family Holiday Gatherings, So much to do !! - - - - Peace and Quiet Serenity / Home Sweet Home.

Well, there you have it . . . . Sort of sketchy, but . . . . Try to cram Fifty years into one page and this is what you get. You have to condense it just a little bit!!! - - It seems as though it was just yesterday that I started school, raced go-karts with John, brought Chad home from the hospital, and danced with Linda for the first time at Flashbacks. - - Time can certainly fly by when you're having fun - - No need to look back ( But it's kinda fun once in a while ).

"No Regrets, Coyote"

Tomorrow's a New Day . . . . I wonder what's in store for me?

Rainbow of Colors

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