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My Past, Present, and Future

Rainbow of Colors

Guess Who ???

This is my personal history page; it will include links to information about my personal past, as well as more detailed information about my present and future plans. Please check back periodically . . . I'll get it updated soon !


The cartoon below is from a 1964 issue of "Look" magazine - I believe the artist's name was Robert Weber. My Dad had it taped to his bathroom mirror for several years and used to tell me that the man in the picture was actually himself. Apparently, this was how he got "pumped up" every morning to go out into the world and face all of life's new challenges. - Today, I've got this same cartoon taped to my bathroom mirror and I look at it every morning as I get ready to go to work . . . And guess what ???

It really works!

Hurray for Me !


Please come back at a later time....... I'll get it updated soon !!!

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