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Hello and Welcome to my little hideaway - My ongoing attempt at HTML and Web Site design! - With just a little help from HotMetal Pro 6.0, I've tried to create a place on the Internet for myself, my family and my friends where we can all stop by once in a while to get away from our hectic daily routines. - You're welcome to stay as long as you'd like........ Browse around....... Check it all out...... Critique to your heart's delight....... ( I'll probably never know anyway )

A long time ago I realized that you're NEVER too old to learn something new !!! Although my work here may seem a little amateurish, it's my attempt to educate myself about the World Wide Web and how to create a place in it for me.... A place where I can go once in a while to work, play or just hang out with some of my family, friends and maybe even a few new visitors like yourself.

When I'm home at Beardmore.com, I'll probably make a few changes, add something new, remove something old, move things around a bit and experiment a lot !!! I might even get lost in here, but you can bet that I'll be having a good time .... I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

So stay as long as you want ..... You're always welcome here ..... At Beardmore.com

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